Pokemon Marathon Begins Thursday December 17th @ 6pm Central

Our next marathon will begin on Thursday December 17th @ 6pm central. We will be attempting to catch the first two generations of Pokemon on their original cartridges in under 72 hours while raising money for the Rocking H Ranch supported charities.

These charities include “Backpack for Kids” which provide backpacks of food to kids that would not have food over the weekend during the school year; “Tara Sawyer Foundation”  helps support organizations for abused neglected or abandoned children and drill wells for safe drinking water in impoverished regions; “Trent’s Retreat Nonprofit Foundation”  Our mission is to provide, at no charge, a retreat for families who have a child with pediatric cancer. The purpose of the retreat is to provide a safe, relaxing atmosphere, in a country setting, that is peaceful for parents coping with a child’s life threatening illness; yet fun and entertaining for the children. Our goal is that Trent’s Retreat will be an oasis for these families that will allow them to relax and enjoy family time amid the stress of battling pediatric cancer. “Paws for Reflection” provides a healing, educational, motivational, and recreational environment utilizing equine and other animal assisted therapies and experiences to enhance the quality of life for all clients, and to provide a loving home, whether temporary or permanent, for animals that meet a specific criteria.

TSG has been gaming at the Rocking H Ranch since late 2010. We are very thankful for the support they have shown us over the years. We can’t wait to be able to give back.

The stream will be live around the clock with all Pokemon catches on camera.  We will have many unlockable  events and marathon additions as we raise money for the Rocking H Ranch.

More details will be added to this post as we get closer to the marathon.

See you all soon!!


November is Zelda Month !

You might have noticed over the last month that there have been a lot of streaming on twitch.tv/tsgpresents . We will be using this channel for our daily streams and our main channel twitch.tv/thespeedgamers for our marathons and events.

Be sure to also follow our team page http://www.twitch.tv/team/tsg to check out other community members who stream on twitch.

This month on twitch.tv/tsgpresents you can expect a lot of Zelda. November is the months of Zelda for TSG and GendarmeOfficer will be giving away a copy of Zelda Tri Force Heroes to a random person who is subscribed to twitch.tv/thespeedgamers at the end of November.

Don’t forget that this Saturday Oct 31 we will have a 6 hour Halloween stream on our main channel, 6pm-midnight central. Our next marathon starts Thursday December 17, Pokemon Retro.

See you in the chat!

King Calamari’s Revenge/ Halloween Event

First off, I wanted to announce that we will be streaming on Halloween evening, Saturday October 31 @ 6pm central. We (Britt, Rob, Chase, possibly more) will be playing through our Mario Maker pack “Luigi’s Mansion: King Calamari’s Revenge” as well as Phantasy Star Online on the Gamecube. We will also announce the winners of our Halloween event during this stream so make sure to play through the pack to have a chance to win !

Pack Details:

To participate in our Halloween event, play through our Mario Maker pack dubbed “Luigi’s Mansion: King Calamari’s Revenge”. Listed below are the level codes:

Level 1: 8E01-0000-0080-9652 Creator: Britt
Level 2: ABC3-0000-0080-4A8D Creator: Phil
Level 3: 1EF1-0000-0082-3746 Creator: Punkle
Level 4: 647B-0000-0082-41A1 Creator Diana
Level 5: 248D-0000-0080-7979 Creator: Jasef
Level 6: 1EB8-0000-008E-E0C3 Creator: Wolf_of_Storms
Level 7: BA35-0000-0082-D5B6 Creator: JDtwins
Level 8: 65D9-0000-007F-65EF Creator: Kennyan

Toward the end of each level you will find a letter. Use the letters to unravel the mystery and a chance to win prizes. blog.tsg.tv/ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


All prize winners will be announced on our Halloween stream Saturday October 31 @ 6pm central here on www.tsg.tv. So get to smashin bloopers!

Pokemon Retro Marathon 2 announced for December 2015

TheSpeedGamers (TSG) will be attempting to catch all 251 of the original 2 generation of Pokemon this December while raising money for Rocking H Ranch. We will  catch all of the Pokemon on the original carts, Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Gold, Pokemon Silver &  Pokemon Crystal. We are still working out an exact date, but we will be starting either Thursday December 17th or Friday December 18th and we are initially scheduled to play for 72 hours straight. There will be more details for this event as we get closer to December.

Thank you!

Mario Marathon has come to a close

Thank you to everyone for such a great event. As of this post, we have raised $29,027 for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  This amount will receive a bump after this weekend when the rest of the Fangamer donations come in. In case you were not aware, Fangamer extended their donations to St. Jude through this weekend.  If you buy either the Phantom Panic or Super 3 shirts this weekend from Fangamer.com , $10 of the purchase will go to St. Jude!

We announced Zelda as our 2016 Summer Marathon but are holding back on announcing the December 2015 event as of right now. If you watched the Mario Marathon you probably saw some of the buffer and disconnect issues that we were having. We want to fix these issues before committing to doing an event for December. To reiterate,  it’s our intention to do a marathon this December but we want to make sure that we can put on the best show before fully committing.

Keep checking back to the blog for updates on upcoming events and news about TSG. You can also follow us on twitter, @thespeedgamers

Thank you for all of the support that you have given us over our 7 years. We will see you all soon :)


Live! Mario Marathon for St. Jude July 17-24

Watch live video from TheSpeedGamers on www.twitch.tv

Donate to St. Jude here! >  http://bit.ly/1L80aii

Fangamer Shirts for St. Jude! >  Phantom Panic    &   Super 3
> Fangamer will donate $10 from every sale of the Super 3 and Phantom Panic shirts from July 17-24 to St. Jude

To lighten the load on our web servers we asking that you watch from our twitch page if possible. Chat will be included there!! http://www.twitch.tv/thespeedgamers