Zelda Marathon Details Part 1

This post is meant to shed some light on the format of our Zelda Marathon. We are dividing our marathon attendees into two teams, Team Hyrule (light world)and Lorule (dark world) . Every run will net a team points depending on their performance.  A run will start with 5 points and each death will be a loss of one point.  At the end of the run the the points will be added to the teams total score.  For example, if I’m on team Hyrule and I play Majora’s Mask with 1 death, I will gain 4 points for team Hyrule.  The runner’s time will also factor into the points but we are still working on those details. There will also be races that will gain the winning team a set amount of points.

Each day there will be a few points up for grabs that will be decided by viewer participation.  Fan art, promotion, etc.  Another example, “Today community member Evandeck received the most retweets promoting the Zelda marathon. Evandeck can now choose which team he would like to give one point to.” There are other contributing factors and partnerships that we will be revealing as we get closer to the marathon.

I think fun competition will be a great way to highlight our strengths , raise a great amount of money for charity, and have a great time with the community.  Teams and more information will be announced in upcoming blog posts.

The Zelda Marathon is 1 week long, June 24-July 1 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. 


Mega March Starts Tomorrow @ 2pm ! (March 11-15)

Starting tomorrow (March 11) at 2pm central, we will be celebrating 8 years of TSG by playing Mega Man around the clock until March 15th. We are getting a head start on raising money for St. Jude and opening up donations during Mega March. Below is a rough schedule of what will be played. You can view the entire marathon and chat with us at twitch.tv/thespeedgamers

Time Player Potential Games
Friday 3/11
3/11 2pm-6pm MetalMan legends 1
3/11 6pm-9pm JD Mario Maker Mega Man Levels!
3/11 9pm-12am AlanEdgeHead Mega Man X, X2, Mega Man 9
Saturday 3/12
3/12 12am-3am Cheese Mega Man Collection PS2, possible incentive for Andrew doing blind runs
3/12 3am-5am Blaumagier Mega Man 1, Mega Man Maverick Hunter X
3/12 5am-8am Punkle Mega Man 64
3/12 8am-11am Blue Blastoise MM7 Fail at the end run.
3/12 11am-4pm Koshoku
3/12 4pm-7pm Toast
3/12 7pm-10pm LLK
3/12 10pm-1am Space Coyote Wily & Light’s RockBoard, The Power Battle
Sunday 3/13
3/13 1am-4am DellyFlo Mega Man Network Transmission
3/13 4am-9am JaggerG 7, 8, maybe 4? II?
3/13 9am-1pm Blaumagier Mega Man Powered Up, Mega Man Star Force 2
3/13 1pm-3pm Wazuki x2 x3
3/13 3pm-7pm WolfofStorms Mega Man 1-3, Wily Wars Wily Tower (Time Permitting)
3/13 7pm-9pm TSG LIVE PODCAST
3/13 9pm-12am Chase
Monday 3/14
3/14 12am-2am AlanEdgeHead Mega Man X2
3/14 2am-5am Wazuki x2 x3 x4 depends how far got before
3/14 5am-7am Punkle Mega Man 64 continued
3/14 7am-11am Blaumagier Rockman 7 FC
3/14 11am-2pm Trombonus
3/14 2pm-5pm Koshoku
3/14 5pm-7pm Cheese
3/14 7pm-9pm Blue Blastoise Beat Wily 4 in MM7 & MMX:Command Mission
3/14 9pm-11pm KMMGreen MegaMan (DOS)
3/14 11pm-2am Britt Battle Network
Tuesday 3/15
3/15 2am-7am JaggerG Zero 1, possibly incentive challenges
3/15 7am-1pm LLK
3/15 1pm-6pm Metal Legends 2
3/15 6pm-9pm Toast
3/15 9pm-12am JaggerG Extension if we get to $1400
Wednesday 3/16
3/16 12am-2am Britt
3/16 2am-4am Ana
3/16 4am-7am Punkle
3/16 7am-11am Blaumagier Wily 7 FC Rematch, Mega Man Unlimited
3/16 11am-2pm Trombonus
3/16 2pm-5pm WolfofStorms Wily Wars Showcase
3/16 5pm-8pm MetalMan Mega Man Legends 2
3/16 8pm-10pm Blue Blastoise Megaman X try to be as good as alan but redeem Wazuki Run
3/16 10pm-1am AlanEdgeHead MM10 as Bass & Mega Man Xtreme
Thursday 3/17
3/17 1am-3am Punkle
3/17 3am-5am Dellyflo More Mega Man Network Transmission
3/17 5am-7am
3/17 7am-11am Blaumagier Rockman 8 FC
3/17 11am-2pm Trombonus
3/17 2pm- ??? JaggerG
3/17 ???-??? Blaumagier Mega Man X8, Mega Man Star Force 2: Zerker
3/17 ???-??? LLK Rockman & Forte


MEGA MARCH! Celebrating 8 years of TheSpeedGamers

Starting on Friday March 11th the TSG staff and community will be playing over 72  hours of Mega Man to celebrate our 8 year anniversary ! You will be able to watch the entire event on our twitch page, twitch.tv/thespeedgamers . The marathon will be played remotely like our community events and not like our typical marathons.

So far we have 16 volunteers scheduled to play throughout the weekend and possibly longer.  We will be raising money for St. Jude during Mega March that will go toward our total for our week long Zeldathon (June 24-July1). A full schedule for Mega March and other details will be available soon. We will also be doing a live podcast during the event discussing TSG’s history and memories on Sunday March 13th @ 7pm Central.

TheSpeedGamers first marathon was on March 14, 2008. We played 72 hours of the Zelda franchise and raised $1,090 for St. Jude.  Since then we have raised over $535,000 for various charities and have had over 35 events.

We look forward to seeing you all in the chat!


TSG Metroid Minithon

Hey y’all, JaggerG here! As you may recall during our Pokeymen marathon, I offered an incentive to organize a Metroid minithon. It sounded pretty easy because there are plenty of Metroid fans around here, right? To be honest, it kind of is. That’s the nice thing about gaming marathons; people just like to play games.

That said, I’ve been thinking about the appeal of these events, and it’s not easy to describe, really. There are some people on staff and in the community interested in playing at a high skill level, there are some people really good at socializing, some just really interesting in their thought processes as they play; all of us are so different from each other, yet come together on a regular basis to perform for you. My objective for this event is to emphasize this variety, and make it clearly a TSG event. I love other groups, but this isn’t Games Done Quick, this isn’t Rooster Teeth, etc. There’s something unmistakably unique about TSG.

I used to think speed had been the only goal, and since the previous Metroid marathon I’ve personally learned to run every game in the series. At the time, I thought I accidentally ruined TSG’s chance at future Metroidthons as a result. So for this event, I intend to disprove myself. The schedule is pending, but I do have the games list complete. Check it out:

Metroid 1 – Dr. Elder
Metroid: Zero Mission – Kennyan_the_Keeper_of_c
Metroid Prime – GendarmeOfficer
Metroid Prime Hunters – MetalMan279
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes – Spn_Phoenix_92
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption – Baltes
Metroid II: Return of Samus – Britt
Super Metroid – FrenchToAStone
Metroid: Other M – Blaumager
Metroid Fusion 1% – Jazaaboo the Anatotitan

These are to be played from January 31st to February 6th on our main event channel, TheSpeedGamers. You may notice some peculiar things. The main thing is that I’m not on there. The reason is pretty simple: I’m playing on the 7th. You may also notice Fusion’s listed as 1%. No, she hasn’t done it before, but she’s going to. She just doesn’t realize it yet. Unlisted are some special guest commentators. More on that later. There’s also going to be some run incentives based on patronage on both the main channel and TSGPresents.

If by this point you’re still asking the games I’m playing on the 7th, you’re a silly goose. It’s all of them. It should only take 18 hours.

Also special thanks to Kennyan for letting me use c.

That’s the end of the briefing.

Pokethon Success!

I don’t think we could have scripted a better marathon. We had tons of excitement surrounding the gameplay and most importantly we raised over $16,300 for the Rocking H Ranch. It was very fun interacting with the chat throughout and the Pokemon and twitch communities were very supportive. We could not have done this marathon without all of the support and it was so exciting to pull off. With the feedback from previous marathons we made some changes to the Pokethon that I think gave us an extra boost. There are additional changes to our formula that we will be trying out during our upcoming week long summer event. If you have time, we would appreciate it if you filled out our survey to help us improve our events: http://blog.tsg.tv/survey/

Up next is our Summer Zelda Marathon which is tentatively scheduled to start June 24, 2016. We will also be doing a Metroid minithon led by Jagger in the very near future.

We look forward to seeing you all again soon in the chat! Be sure to also follow our daily streaming account: http://www.twitch.tv/tsgpresents/

I leave you with an awesome gif from Cevune summarizing the end to Pokethon.

Claim your Pokemon starters and trainers now!!

The Retro Pokethon for Rocking H Ranch is just a week away (Thurs Dec 17th) so we are making trainers and starters available to name NOW. Trainers and starters will go for $30 each. Donate to Rocking H Ranch with the following link DONATE HERE and leave the trainer or Pokemon starter that you would like to name and also the nickname that you would like to give it in the comment of your donation. The names are on a first come first serve basis. We will keep this list of available Pokemon and starters up to date and also tweet from @thespeedgamers when starters or trainers are claimed.

Trainers and Rivals have a 7 character limit when naming them

Red trainer (CLAIMED) Name: Nitram
Red Rival (CLAIMED) Name: SPACE
Blue trainer (CLAIMED) Name: MySweetTime
Blue Rival (CLAIMED) Name: NMUFred
Yellow trainer (CLAIMED) Name: Metal
Yellow Rival (CLAIMED) Name: SPACE
Gold trainer (CLAIMED) Name: Gold
Gold Rival (available)
Silver trainer (CLAIMED) Name: Apple
Silver Rival (CLAIMED) Name SPACE
Crystal trainer (CLAIMED) Name: St.Jude
Crystal Rival (CLAIMED) Name: SPACE

Pokemon have a 10 character limit when naming them

Squirtle (CLAIMED) Name: Puddles
Charmander (CLAIMED) Name: Patches
Bulbasaur (CLAIMED) Name: bulba

Chikorita (CLAIMED) Name: Bredhe
Cyndaquil (CLAIMED) Name: Sonic62
Totodile (CLAIMED) Name: Simba

OILD Day 12: Sinjoh Ruins

Heya! It’s Day 12 of Obligatory Ice Level Day and the last day I’ll be posting these to the blog this year. I mean at this point it’d be kind of hard to keep count very well, so let’s just get to the point! From December 17-20 we’ll have our Pokémon Retrothon, playing the first two generations on the original Game Boy carts! There will be tons of surprises, and the more you donate, the more we’ll add to the stream! Secret games, prizes, stunts, and even the return of everyone’s favorite storyteller, Nob Ogasawara, translator of the first four generations of Pokémon games! 100% of the donations go directly to Rockin’ H Ranch, so tune in and help out a great cause! And because the Pokémon Retrothon is coming up, today’s ice level is Sinjoh Ruins, from Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver!

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