22 thoughts on “Route TSG Episode 3: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past”

  1. Great Route TSG as always. Never seen this game played through or even played it myself so it’s great to see it.

    Whenever I watch these videos of yours though or watch your marathons, I always want to record me playing games and uploading them up to the net but I always think that no one would care at all D:

    (Thinks it’s best to register now!)

  2. “I’ve just never been able to do the bomb jump.” – Part 3 (Around 25:00)
    Sounds like a dance. 😛
    It also seems that right as you die and use a fairy you beat the boss. 😛
    Anyways, great job Gwellin!

  3. Yay Gwelly.
    I have Link to the Past for GBA and I can never seem to beat it or sadly enough get the first Maiden rescued but maybe now I can.
    Awesome Job Gwelly-senpai.
    You made me giggle at the end.

  4. XP

    That was an epic ending there.

    Great job Gwellin! One day I’ll play a Zelda game and since you so nicely posted a play through I’ll probably copy it step by step x3


  5. This was perfect! Gwellin always plays my favorite games of a series! In the Final Fantasy marathon he did FF3 DS which is my favorite of those and A Link to The Past is my favorite game of all time!

  6. Really awesome Gwellin! Seeing you beat the game that fast and have all this knowledge about a game that I’ve had for almost a year and haven’t beaten makes me really want to get back into it and finally beat the game! 😀

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