Job listing at EA points at possible online multiplayer for Dead Space 2

A job listing popped up at Electronic Arts for a Senior Online Level Designer for Dead Space 2. The job listing requires the employee to “be able to work collaboratively with Creative Director and Online Producer to create extremely fun, satisfying and polished multiplayer levels.

I always skeptical when it comes to online multiplayer for games that usually don’t seem like they would have them. They always seem tacked on and then forgotten pretty soon after. Although I’ve heard Uncharted 2‘s multiplayer has held up pretty well though.  Hopefully Dead Space 2 will have some twists rather then just having your typical online multiplayer.

(Source: Joystiq)

3 thoughts on “Job listing at EA points at possible online multiplayer for Dead Space 2”

  1. Unless it’s a completely over-the-top limb severing extravaganza, I’m not really sure I’ll care about it too much. I thought the original was just fine without multiplayer. Although as long as it doesn’t detract from the single player experience, I don’t really mind if developers throw in some multiplayer action, no skin off my back.

    I think a horde mode of sorts is inevitable here.

    1. Horde mode wouldn’t be too bad.

      But what happens too many times when multiplayer modes are added, it does end up being at the expense of the single player. Money, manpower, and other resources are used to focus on the multiplayer, that would better used elsewhere. It’s just scary. I have the same fears for Bioshock 2, unfortunately. 🙁

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