Baltes and snow, a dangerous mix!

Sooo yeah I was just over at my moms house and she mentioned her gutters being full of ice…

the more i looked at her roof the more i felt i needed to jump off of it

so I attempted to take a sled up there but sadly, the snow was too light and deep for the sled to actually move

so i did the next best thing…i just hurled myself off

note:ย  don’t try this at home, if you do, i’m definitly not responsible for your stupidity…and i’m going to laugh at you if you or your parents call me from the hospital :p

Video after the break

27 thoughts on “Baltes and snow, a dangerous mix!”

  1. Why, just why…… Because it’s awesome. ๐Ÿ˜€ I wish you had backfliped that, it would have been great, and you also would have been in pain, that you probably deserved. XD

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