26 thoughts on “3-10-10: “Whose TSG Is It Anyway?””

  1. Phil looks different for some reason but i can’t seem to put my finger on it,
    Awesome prize that Tyler is wearing haha,

    and i totally wanna see rob wear the other prize as an earring haha…

    best of luck and good luck on the Blind Run Team!!!!

  2. My reactions to the video:
    1. This is a regiment i could get use to.
    2. Why is they’re a mutated venonat on tyler’s head?
    3. Spanky your awesome.
    4. It does look like a lunchbox.
    5. How could you forget the birthdays?! D=
    6. Shower….radio….. awesome. >.>
    7. Spoke too soon.
    8. Creepy close up. O_O

  3. This vlog may be already ridiculously awesome, but it becomes infinitely more so with the audio transcription.

    “there is a lot of flashing commentators schedule of us fear and now screen not screen”

  4. Wow. So very much to say on this one. Let’s get started.

    1) Phil, you clean up real well. Please don’t dress like that again (you look too respectable :P).
    2) The sausage-gravy potatoes at IHOP are fantastic.
    3) DANG IT PHIL! Why you gots to be comentating while I’m working ๐Ÿ™
    4) On a related note, my work schedual sucks when it comes to TSG. I know no one cares, but I’m venting.
    5) Looking foward to trying the Android UStream viewer tomorrow at the gym.
    6) Best Vlog Ever.

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