Capcom Says Dark Void Zero Seems like a “a natural fit” for Consoles

Don’t have a DSi but want to play some Dark Void Zero? Your chance to get in on the action elsewhere might come according to Capcom’s Seth Killian.

When asked about the possibility of Dark Void Zero coming to WiiWare, PSN, or XBLA Seth replied ā€œYou have not yet heard the last of Dark Void Zero, but I dunno what the plans might be for Wii/X360/PS3. None as yet, but it does seem like a natural fit.ā€

I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the title head to iPhone/iPod Touch at some point as well.

(Source: Nintendo Everything)

One thought on “Capcom Says Dark Void Zero Seems like a “a natural fit” for Consoles”

  1. Rats. DSiWare has so few cool exclusives. It would suck if it lost this one. I guess they’re trying to make up their losses due to the actual game tanking, and Dark Void Zero being a hit among DSi owners. Oh well. It’s tough being a DSi fan. At least there’s Mighty Flip Champs and the upcoming Shantae games.

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