5 thoughts on “Community Podcast 5”

  1. I wouldn’t say Kirby is a dying franchise. There have always been some years where there are no Kirby games, and when it comes to consoles, Kirby always shows up either near, or AT the end of a console’s life Cycle. Sure in 2008 we just got a remake, but it was an awesome remake. We don’t get a Zelda game every year, and that’s not exactly a dying franchise. 😛 I will always have high hopes for Kirby. But really, if Kirby Wii doesn’t blow me away in sheer awesomeness, I’ll be a bit disappointed. We haven’t had a truly amazing Console Kirby game since Super Star. Though I also love Dream Land 3, and I like Kirby 64. They just weren’t truly amazing like Super Star or Adventure

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