Community Question: Content on the Blog

Just a simple question. What type of content would you guys like to see more of on the blog? This can include new things that we haven’t done before as well. I personally would like to see some more original video content, like skits.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

23 thoughts on “Community Question: Content on the Blog”

  1. More editorial/opinion pieces from various staffers. I really liked those Top # lists Ferenc and Britt did when the blog first started being all bloggy, and I’ve love to hear more about what you guys think about anything that’s going on in gaming, past or present.

  2. More videos, maybe some community game reviews, spotlights on specific gamers in the community, maybe something that resembles a kinda forum news letter. More art ;D Contests..skits..*prattles on*

    I did just join the community a few days ago.. so we may have some of this already. Just figured I’d throw my 2 cents ~

    I’m really enjoying the content I’ve seen though~!

  3. I’d love to see skits being done if you ever find the time to make them with all the school work you guys have been doing. Original content is always neat! 😀

  4. i agree with everyone, (except maybe ana…) but i’d also like to see more videogame/movie tie ins. A look at how you guys feel they will go. Tsg needs more opinions.

  5. Skits or a TSG variety show (sort of like all of those late night shows). Or maybe a TSG version of SNL. I would like to see something like this go on the blog.

  6. A webcomic starring the main TSG cast. Maybe something like the guys at Rooster Teeth do (Rated R for anyone who wants to look that up) or Greg Deans “Real Life Comics” (PG if you want to look that up). Which is to say a combination of realistic interactions between the cast, clearly exagerated but still realistic stuff, and blatently BS stuff.

    One could also take a Captain N approach to it and throw our daring team of charity gamers into the game world but that would quickly become trite or heavily story driven.

  7. It would be awesome if there was more gaming news on the developer’s side of games, instead of just the game content itself. It’s not as easy to find I bet but I love reading stuff like that and watching it in videos. 😀

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