Doctor Who Title Heading to Wii and DS; Nintendo involved?

Doctor Who has already hit the Wii and DS once as a card game, but the BBC is going for something more in line with a traditional game.

The title, which will be starring the new Doctor played by Matt Smith, is set to be released near Christmas this year. Classic Doctor Who enemies like Daleks, Cybermen and Silurians.

Like in the show, The Doctor won’t just be mindlessly killing enemies. Instead the game will have players out witting enemies and finding clever ways to defeat them.

Also worth mentioning the article said “DOCTOR Who is to regenerate into Doctor Wii after BBC bosses signed a mega-bucks computer game deal. Nintendo has agreed a contract said to be worth over £10 million to create the much-anticipated game for its popular Wii and DS consoles.

I’m not positive, but from the sounds of it Nintendo is the one developing the title. Which would be strange since Nintendo rarely ever works with licenses.

If Nintendo is working on it then the title is probably in good hands. I’ll update this post if things get cleared up soon.

(Source: The Sun)
(Via: GoNintendo)

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