EA Looking to Sell Downloadable Games then Move them to Retail

EA has a bit of a interesting idea up their sleeve.

EA plans on selling what is essentially, as Analyst Micheal Pachter describes, “a very long game demo” for about $10 to $15. The content it would contain would be similar to the amount found in 2009’s Battlefield 1943 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Sometime after the downloadable version is released, a full retail version will hit store shelves with more content. Pachter explained the purpose of this stragety…

The idea is that if the PDLC gets favorable reviews, it will build word of mouth for the boxed product. If the PDLC has issues, they can tweak the packaged product to address those issues, improving the final product before release.

I’d defeintely say something like this has potential, but expecting people to shell out another $60 after purchasing the downloadable version for $10/$15 seems a bit much.

If there was a way you could put that money towards the final purchase of the game, maybe it would be a bit more reasonable. So you would still get the $15 out of the people who don’t buy the full game but also get a full $60 from the people who decide to.

As is, not sure what I think of the current model.

(Source: Gamingindustry.biz)
(Via: Destructoid)

3 thoughts on “EA Looking to Sell Downloadable Games then Move them to Retail”

  1. I totally agree with wanting to be able to put the money I spend on these demos towards purchasing the entire games. $60 is already really price-y, but $75? No thanks.

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