First The Last Story Details; New Artwork and Music

Nintendo and Mistwalker haven’t opened the flood gates yet for The Last Story information, but the official website updated with some new information on the setting of the game along with some new art and music.

The game takes place on Luli Island. The contient is surronded by mountain ranges and the only way to access it is via the heavily fortified island port. The ruler of the island is looking for a way to rise in power and he plans on doing that with magic.

All of the towns are suffering and in poverty, but the town of Luli has remained prosperous. The towns prosperity seems to be related to magic, but the magic is starts attracting monsters.

Metal resources are scarce in The Last Story’s world. Sakaguchi said he is trying to limit the amount of Sci-Fi influences in the title.

You can check out some art for The Last Story after the jump. You can also listen to some of the new music from the website here.


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