Five Franchises that Should Hit Nintendo 3DS

If you don’t know what all this Nintendo 3DS fuss is about, check it out here. Nintendo 3DS is looking to be at least somewhat interesting and a nice fresh breath of new air after all the DS redesigns.

While Nintendo has talked hardware, they’re keeping quiet on software for right now. In the mean time, we can only speculate what software will eventually arrive.

After the jump you can find a list of four franchises I think should hit Nintendo DS. Local was nice enough to provide input as well for the fifth title.


The WarioWare franchise is a bit of a given. The franchise has always been able to adapt well to what ever new technology Nintendo has and create some really wacky and fun games that showcasing some of the potential of a new technology. With touchscreen controls, camera controls(if the camera makes the jump), motion controls, and the new 3D capabilities mixed together with the signature WarioWare wackiness,  we would probably be in for a heck of a ride in a new iteration. Sure it is a mini-game fest, which there are bound to be many on 3DS, but the WarioWare franchise has always been one of the best of the genre.

A sequel to Rub Rabbits from SEGA would be nice too.

Hotel Dusk (Not sure what else I’d call it. The Kyle Hyde franchise!)

Yeah I know, Last Window just came out in Japan and Cing recently went bankrupt, but Kyle Hyde is just too sexy for me to not talk about. While Hotel Dusk has a lot of dialogue, occasionally you do some investigating.  While sifting around rooms in people’s stuff to find objects, keys, letters, and other items, players used a camera sliding feature where you could look around the environment. But, what if you added something similar to this DSi game? It would allow players to freely look around a room to investigate for clues by tilting the 3DS. Really, this falls in line with almost any point and click adventure style game though.

Side note: If you are curious how that demo works, it uses the DSi camera to see that the DSi is moving to create the illusion of a 3D room.

Star Fox

Oh Star Fox, where have you gone? The last we saw of you was back in 2006 (2007 for you Europeans) with Star Fox Command on the Nintendo DS. A new franchise entry is long overdue. And being one of the early pioneers of using 3D polygons, it would seem fitting for Star Fox to debut 3D technology on the 3DS. I’m not sure how much it would add to the Star Fox style of gameplay, but it would be cool to see where Nintendo could go with it visually.  Making it a launch title for Nintendo 3DS might be a nice way to push some extra sales and build more interest in the franchise.

Wario Land

Oh hey look, it’s Wario again. Not so much the Wario Land franchise but the Virtual Boy title. Not many people have gotten the chance to try Virtual Boy Wario Land, including me. From what I understand, the use of 3D effects in Virtual Boy Wario Land was minimal which makes it seem like it would make a fairly smooth transition onto the Nintendo 3DS. It would nice to see the title revived for new players to check out since we all know how well the Virtual Boy went over. KEEP IT RED THOUGH…I’m kidding Nintendo…please add color…oh god please…

I couldn’t think of a fifth game, but that dashing fellow, Localretard ,was nice enough to add a little bit of his own input.

Golden Sun

I know…I know, It’s already coming out for the DS, but if it’s a success then perhaps Nintendo will continue the series onto the 3DS. If so then could you imagine the Djinn and spells all in 3D? To further add to the hype, the possibility of a 3D roaming world map? It all sounds so delicious to me. Lets just hope we get to see the move “Ragnarok” in 3D at some point before the Nintendo decides that 4D is all the rage.

Nintendo has a lot of other franchises to dig into, and there are third party franchises as well. I’m sure we will see some excellent content from both sides.

What franchises would you like to see use 3D technology on 3DS? Are there any games you wouldn’t want to make use of the 3D technology?

9 thoughts on “Five Franchises that Should Hit Nintendo 3DS”

  1. Seeing the 5th Gen Pokemon titles on them would be pretty neat too. Using 3D effects for attacks and such, and I’m actually hoping for battles that are in full 3D like the Pokemon Stadium games.

    Also, as always, I demand that a new EBA appear. Come on! 3D cutscenes, characters dancing right off your screen, downloadable stages, better speaker quality means better quality of the music! It just begs for EBA2!

  2. While I agree Star Fox is long overdue for a sequel, I think it needs one on the Wii more than a handheld installment. At this point, it seems Star Fox is going the way of Kirby in terms of console releases…

  3. I definitely agree about Golden Sun and Star Fox!
    Golden Sun is one of my favorite franchises, and Star Fox is long over-due!

    It was mentioned on the forums, but if the 3DS has the Gamecube capabilities it’d be awesome for a Super Mario Sunshine remake like they did with Mario 64.

    Kirby and Donkey Kong also need a bit of love….sometime….please?!?!

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