Handful of Persona 3 Portable Screenshots

Atlus released a handful of Persona 3 Portable screens today.

Atlus announced the localization of the title earlier this year. The title offers a variety of changes and additional content over the original release and Persona 3 FES release including a upgraded battle system, altered visuals, still portrait cutscenes, the ability to play as a female main character, and more.

The title is launching July 6th in North America exclusively on PlayStation Portable.

You can check out the screen shots after the jump or on the recently opened official website for the title.

One thought on “Handful of Persona 3 Portable Screenshots”

  1. Santa Suit Yukari o.o’ *nosebleed* It Great to see that they’re adding the new look of Loki as well, looking forward to this, only reason why I have a psp haha.

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