Hydro Thunder Returns with Hydro Thunder Hurricane for XBLA

The 1999 arcade classic Hydro Thunder is finally getting a sequel – Hydro Thunder Hurricane. The XBLA exclusive title is due out this summer with new features, tracks, modes, and more.

Hurricane features eight new “theme park levels” which you can enjoy in standard modes from the original Hydro Thunder along with new modes like Razorback, Cutthroat,  Rad Hazard.

Hydro Thunder Hurricane has a heavy focus on water physics. Wave machines and other boats create waves that players can launch off of. The developers mentioned whirl pools obstacles as well.

You and up to seven other friends can play online or you can play four player local split screen.

The first trailer has been released,  you can check that out after the jump.

(Source: Kotaku)

(Video Source: VGchartz)

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