Little Hope for Winter on Wii; N-Space Looking at Other Platforms

N-Space hasn’t had much luck with getting the title Winter on its legs. Some interest peaked when it was publicly revealed for Wii. After that, interest seemed to fade away.

While we still may see Winter in the future, the chances of it appearing on Wii are slimming. “Funding the development of a title of Winter’s scope is not in n-Space’s game plan right now. Also, recent mature releases on the Wii have shown us that it would be a challenge to succeed with it,” Said Dan O’Leary, President of N-Space.

With interest waning in the title, the developer considered moving it to other systems. “There was even a Winter DS level built here to show it could be done by a couple of very resourceful and motivated employees.” Unfortunately, a publisher has yet to bite.

Hopefully in the future Winter will see some release, even if it isn’t on its originally intended platform.

(Source: Siliconera)
(Image Source: IGN)

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