More Details and Art for The Last Story

We have already heard about the island The Last Story is set on. Now we get to take a look at the city of Ruli (not “Luli” as I said in the last post – sorry about that).

The city of Ruli, which is currently the only prosperous city on the island, is this base city for the game. According to the games director, the town is very large. He explains that most RPGs have wide open pathways and only a few paths in order to keep players from getting lost. The Last Story, on the other hand, will have large amounts of narrow pathways for players to explore. He says that players might get lost, but he encourages them to sit down and wander aimlessly through the town when they get the chance.

As for the visual style of the town, you can check out some of the concept art for the town of Ruli after the jump. The developers visited small towns in France and Italy for inspiration for the sturcture and design of the town.  But since its a fantasy game, the developers  won’t simply replicating what they saw – adding their own style to the town.

The Last Story is a Wii exclusive. You can also listen to a track from the game here.

(Source: andriasang)

The text on the map is a little difficult to read. It says…

“Ruli Island is located in the entrance of the only open bay of the continent surrounded by the mountains. The place is gathered by wealth and power because of the linchpin of traffic and defense of the empire behind it. A huge battery is enshrined, skilled knights and reckless mercenary soldiers prepare for the enemy’s invasion. At the wealthy town of Ruli’s, the enquettish(?) voice is like intoxicated from the (???) party wraps around everything, despite the ground of entire empire being covered by corruption, while the neighboring castle is filled by a weird ghostly air with an eerie magical power. Tonight as well, an evil spirit is lurking nearby, like it may be attracted to Ruli’s strange power.”

(Map text source: GoNintendo)

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