New 3D Dot Game Heroes Trailer

What do you know about 3D Dot Game Heroes’ Hero? Not enough would be the correct answer.

According to Atlus the hero from 3D Dot Game Heroes is “The Most Interesting Hero in 3D.” Why exactly? you will just have to hit the jump to find out!  Be warned though, watching the video may make you feel like less then a man (or woman) then before.

You can check out 3D Dot Game Heroes May 11th exclusively on the PlayStation 3.

[viddler id=7ed0ec26&w=437&h=288]

(Source: PlayStation Blog)

3 thoughts on “New 3D Dot Game Heroes Trailer”

  1. Oh, man, I know I’ll never be as much of an interesting hero as that guy, but what can I do to get close?

    Wait, I’ve got it! I’ll buy their product!!

  2. Im not gonna lie I have been interested in this game for quite a bit. Partly because it reminds me alot of the original zelda game which is quite obvious that it takes alot of its elements from it

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