Nintendo 3DS to be Playable at E3

If you are curious how far along the 3DS hardware is, it seems like it is pretty far along. Nintendo says that the 3DS will be playable at E3.

We wanted to give the gaming industry a head’s up about what to expect from Nintendo at E3,” said Nintendo’s chief spokesman Ken Toyota. “We’ll invite people to play with the new device then.

So it looks like we will get a chance to take a glimpse at the hardware and software at E3.  It could be all behind closed doors, but if it does launch this year then Nintendo would probably hold a media summit later in the year to give press some more hands on time.

Another Random DSi to the left.

(Source: New York times)
(Via: GoNintendo)

7 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS to be Playable at E3”

  1. Nintendo 3DS… is this the supposed DS 2, or is that still on the way as well? And what the heck happened to the DSi XL? Shouldn’t they let that be on the market a little while? And why in 3D and not just better graphics? Isn’t that a bit gimmicky, even for Nintendo’s standards?

    Terrible marketing, Nintendo. This is how Sega first started failing with the Saturn… hopefully they won’t make the same mistakes.

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