Nintendo Power Confirms The Conduit 2

The Conduit didn’t exactly lite up the sales charts, but it did find a nice cozy place on it. Delicious sales means a delicious sequel. The Conduit 2 is on the way, according to Nintendo Power.

The Conduit is returning with its excellent online experience for Wii. There will be new online modes along with the return of the fan favorite Bounty Hunter mode. One new mode is titled “Invasion” which is actually a co-op mode that will put players in unique co-op challenges. Local play is making it into the sequel as well with 2-4 player split screen action.

Players are going to have a more options this time around with customizing their character.Visually, there will be more options for your character with a more indepth character creation tool. Function wise, players will be able to equip suits with special pieces of equipment which work like perks from Modern Warfare. For example, robotic legs gives the player more sprint. There is a possibility there will be then one slot for these upgrades. Players will also be able to access the arsenal of weapons from the first game along with newer weapons created for the sequel.

Nintendo Power has a 8 page feature on The Conduit 2, so be sure to check that out if you are interested.

(Source: GoNintendo)

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  1. This game indeed deserves a sequel! Though not many specific details have been announced concerning The Conduit 2, except for that there will be a slew of new multiplayer modes to play, as well as a 4-player co-op mode called ‘Invasion’, which can be played either locally or online. Can’t wait!

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