Nintendo Power Reveals Scribblenauts 2

The original Scribblenauts was fairly heavily hyped and unfortunately wasn’t received well mainly due to poor controls. The game still sold surprisingly well though. As with almost any game that sells well, a sequel is on the way.

Nintendo Power revealed that Scribblenauts 2 is in development and slated to hit this Fall exclusively on Nintendo DS. 5th CELL said they will be adding 10,000 new words, but more importantly will be fixing many of the issues found in the first game.

The title will support D-pad controls along with improving touch screen controls, so hopefully moving will be less of a chore. The camera and physics engine are seeing major updates as well.

The developer is creating 120 new levels for the title and plans on making them deeper with more content and expanding the level creator. The par system has been removed completely.

It is great to see the franchise get a second chance. While the first one was not perfect, it held quite a bit of potential. Hopefully those who bought the first Scribblenauts will be willing to give the sequel a shot.


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