Rock Band 3 “A Big Step Forward” Says Harmonix; Unveiling At E3

Rock Band 3 may or may not be more realistic, but Harmonix assures fans that this the next entry is going to be something you won’t want to miss.

Unfortunately I can’t say anything about Rock Band 3 at this point except that it’s coming this fall and it’s a big step forward for Rock Band. This has been a two-year development cycle on this title and it’s a pretty significant level up from where we’ve been. We’re pretty excited about unveiling it at E3 this year. Holiday 2010 release.

We will have to wait and see at E3 if it really is a big step forward or just repackaging the same game again.

I’m concerned they will over complicate things if they go for a more realistic style, but the series definitely needs to move away from rehashing the same experience over and over.

(Source: Gamerant)

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