Japanese Publication Reveals More Details on Nintendo 3DS

Japanese Publication Nikkei reported a few details about the Nintendo 3DS.

According to Nikkei, the Nintendo 3DS will be adding in some additions from today’s traditional controllers. A analog stick ,or something similar, will be present on the system for easier 3D movement and rumble will be included as well. There was no mention if the D-pad has been thrown out the window.

Nikkei also reports that the 3DS will have a lengthy battery life and the wireless speed on the 3DS will  be improved over the DS.

Yomiurui Shimbun believes that the system will use a Sharp 3D LCD Panel which places a small film over the LCD screen. The 3D effect is because the right and left eye will see slightly different images. Don’t get too comfy with the DSi XL’s massive screens though, Nikkei says the 3DS screens are smaller then 4 inches.

Nintendo announced the 3DS because of a slowdown in software development for the Nintendo DS. According to Nikkei Nintendo actually plans on launching it in Japan during this calender year rather then this fiscal year.

Again, the picture on the left is simply the DSi XL and has no real relation to the Nintendo 3DS.

(Source: andrisang)

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  1. Let’s first actually see what the model is suppose to look like. 😛 Besides, from that one speculation video on Kotaku, we likely might not have to use silly 3D glasses or whatever.

    Im pretty interested to hear more about the system, can’t wait!

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