Rumor: Nintendo Power Revealing Mario Party 9?

Yesterday there were reports that Nintendo Power would be announcing a new Wii title, but no one really had a clue at what exactly.

Upon closer inspection, readers found that the Mario image used on the teaser page uses the art of Mario from Mario party 8’s box art.

On the flip side though, being a Nintendo Magazine, it doesn’t seem unlikely for them to just use a Mario asset to fill in space.

All of this is just speculation by Nintendo Power readers, but it does seem fishy enough to be taken as a clue. What do you think? Do you want another Mario Party title on Wii?

You can check out the comparisons after the jump.

(Source: GoNintendo)

Nintendo Power teaser mario

Mario party 8 box art

15 thoughts on “Rumor: Nintendo Power Revealing Mario Party 9?”

  1. I’m all for a new Mario Party as long as they don’t have twice as many Duel mini games (the rarest type to actually encounter) as 4-player mini games (the most common type to encounter) like MP8 did. Perhaps some boards that aren’t straight lines would help too.

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