Rumor: Wii Version of The Grinder Scrapped

High Voltage Software’s The Grinder was originally announced as a Wii exclusive, but it might actually turn out to be the only console it doesn’t release on.

Kotaku recently had a hands on preview with the Xbox 360 version of The Grinder, and when asking the lead designer of The Grinder about the Wii version he kept his mouth shut. Kotaku pressed him harder asking if the Wii version was still even in development, but the designer wouldn’t comment.

As of right now, The Grinder doesn’t have a publisher, but High Voltage Software has been sticking fairly close to SEGA who said the chances of another M-rated Wii game from them is slim.

High Voltage Software said we should be hearing an announcement for the Wii version some time soon.

(Image Source: IGN)

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