Sony Removing Other OS Feature from PlayStation 3 in 3.21 Update

If you use the “Other OS” feature found on the earlier models of the PlayStation 3 then you will probably have to give it up soon. The upcoming update on April 1st will be removing this feature so players can’t use an OS like Linux on the platform.

Sony said this change was for security reasons. Players have the “choice” of not updating, but sony said you will no longer be able to connect to PSN, Play PlayStation 3 software that requires the update, view copy-right protected videos that are stored on the media server, or use features that come with future updates. I wouldn’t say that gives the consumer much of a choice.

The April 1st date could suggest it’s an april fools joke, but it doesn’t seem like Sony is joking around.

Seems kind of silly to remove this feature now, especially with an update with no beneficial additions for the consumer. Chances are, people who really want the feature are just going to try to find a way around the update that drops the feature now.

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(Source: PlayStation Blog)

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