Super Mario Galaxy 2 To Have Over 240 Stars?

While Super Mario Galaxy technically has 242 stars, it looks like we might be getting a significant increase in stars this time around according to Miyamoto.

When talking about the game’s increased difficulty, Miyamoto said that the game will have over 240 stars. “In the end, we are going to have more than 240 stars for you to obtain, and we think it’s going to be challenging for any and all gamers.

It wasn’t exactly clear what Miyamoto was saying, but I don’t think Miyamoto would push it as a difficulty factor unless he meant 240 separate stars. Although it could just simply be the same way the original Super Mario Galaxy added up to over 240 stars.

Hopefully it won’t be the latter. 240 stars would basically double the length of a single play through.

(Source: GoNintendo)

14 thoughts on “Super Mario Galaxy 2 To Have Over 240 Stars?”

  1. Does this mean some stages will have star blocks instead of multi-coin blocks? Will certain enemies drop 10 stars when defeated? Will some stages just rain stars? I just hope it isn’t as linear as Galaxy. Mario 64 has the best type of stage selection.

  2. Whilst I would be playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 (mainly for the yoshi factor :P) there’s no way in my wildest dreams that I woud be bothered getting 240 stars.

    I had enough trouble getting all the pokemon for crying out loud 🙁

  3. The game is officially not a Mario/Luigi playthrough as you automatically get to play as Luigi in some galaxies, such as the Haunty Halls galaxy. Also, the hub world is a Mario head that pretty much has everything in it that you encounter in the worlds, such as Star Bunnies and penguins.

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