Tech Tips: Incompatible Firefox Add-ons

Have you ever upgraded your version of Firefox and found that your absolutely necessary add-ons are incompatible? I know I have, and it’s absurdly annoying…but I’m not sure if many of you have experienced this pleasure.

Tips after the break.

Well if you are in dire need of an incompatible add-on, there are a few ways to override this snag:

  1. The easiest way is to download an add-on developed by Mossop called “Nightly Tester Tools”.
  2. The moderately easy way, and the way reccomended for those who don’t like to installed unneeded add-ons, is to edit the about:config and add the boolean string “extensions.checkCompatibility.3.6” and the value “false“, details here at
  3. The more complex way is to download the add-on to your computer and edit the installation file manually to force compatibilty as laid out here, also at

These steps will get you on the fast track to using those add-ons you so desperately need.

4 thoughts on “Tech Tips: Incompatible Firefox Add-ons”

    1. That is generally a bad idea as well. Theme development will rarely match the latest versions, while the security updates in the browser are rather important.

      Take a look at where you can take the default theme and apply a simple skin to change the look. That will be compatible regardless of future updates.

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