The Grinder Top Down Gameplay; Announcements Coming for Wii Version

If you hadn’t read yet, at GDC High Voltage Software made some major changes to The Grinder.

The footage comes from the Xbox 360 version of the title.  From what we know so far this is what the PlayStation 3 and PC version will be very similar.

As for the Wii version High Voltage Software says they have an announcement for it coming soon. “We have not made any announcements on the Wii version at this time, but I expect us to do so soon. I will say that all versions of the game will share a large portion of the content that we create.”

You can check out the gameplay after the jump.

(Wii details Source: GoNintendo)

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  1. HVS has been dropping bombshells like this for a while now and it sorely disappoints me. They did say that they have had bad experiences with publishers, though, so I’m guessing that that’s the reason behind this.

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