The Last Story Character Details and Art

Mist Walker updated their The Last Story blog with new information about some of the characters in the game – specifically knights and mercenaries.

In The Last Story, knights and mercenaries are viewed very differently. Knights are at the high rank of the society and are considered law enforcers, while mercenaries are considered disposable and  a rowdy bunch.

The main characters of the story all fall into the mercenary group. They travel from job to job hoping one day they will be able to become knights so they can protect those that they love.

Pretty much what you would expect from almost any RPG in a similar setting. But, they did show some character designs which you can see after the jump.  There is one mercenary pictured, but he is labeled as a non-playable character so we can probably assume hes not one of the main characters.

(Source: andriasang)

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