Three Kingdom Hearts Games in Development According to Tetsuya Nomura

Kingdom Hearts Director, Tetsuya Nomura, recently dropped the bomb announcing that three Kingdom Hearts games were currently in development, including Kingdom Hearts 3.

About the next title, Kingdom Hearts 3 depends on Final Fantasy XIII Versus, but development of the next title is already underway. There are two titles other than Kingdom Hearts 3 in conception, and I think I’ll release one within this year.

As from next year, I want to put out a title with multiple main characters.

So there you have it, Kingdom Hearts 3 is in the works and two more titles are on the way. The title that is set to hit “within this year” might not hit North America or Europe this year with Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep launching this year, but based off the Kingdom Hearts popularity they will all probably head West soon after.

(Source: Heartstation)
(Via: Siliconera)

11 thoughts on “Three Kingdom Hearts Games in Development According to Tetsuya Nomura”

  1. What…..

    Is my dreams really being answered at last?

    At last?!!?!? ;_________________;

    /cries tears of joy

    [And yet… I bet the plotlines are going to be even more ridiculous and just stretch the already THIN line that was the connecting line between the games]

  2. Wow! Nomura really dropped a bomb here. What kind of story could be set for a new KH game that isn’t KHIII? So exciting. . .

    There’s another impact of this as well. If one of these games has a Japanese release this year, it could be played for the KH marathon!

  3. Compared to the masses, I do hope KH3 is PS3 only. The only way for KH to move forwards is for it to move into the current gen. But still, as much as I love KH, I’m a bit skeptical about these new games (Not KH3, so totally stoked for it). I just hope the plot holds up; if it does, they’re pretty much fine.

  4. Im not surprised by this at all. A couple of months ago he had said in an interview they he was planing on releasing a game a year for KH. I am really excited though.

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