Vanquish due out this Winter in Japan; new details and screenshots

Shin Mikami finally let loose some details with Famitsu about Vanquish which was announced this January, andVanquish is indeed a Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 title.

Vanquish will be a shooter which is being developed with western markets in mind. The title includes Bullet Time which many shooters use, but that is about where the similarities end.

Making a normal shooter wouldn’t be interesting, so it has the concept of the feeling of speed and good tempo, and something flashy. There are lots of games where you shoot and kill people, so this time we wanted to try and see how we could convey the good feeling of shooting robots.

The main character, who wears flexible white armor, will be able to use a boost to close gaps between him and enemies.  Mikami also wants to have large numbers of enemies attacking at once, but is trying to not go overboard so that the player is confused.

A unique feature of Vanquish is that instead of having multiple weapons the main character carries a single weapon which shape ships into different forms.

Shinji Mikami says that development of the title is at about 80% completion and currently plans to ship the title this Winter in Japan.

You can check out some in-game screen shots after the jump.

(Details Source: andrisang)

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