9 thoughts on “Vlog 3-17-10: “Five Minutes…””

  1. Dang it I missed Tyler 2 eating the scorpion,
    Assuming you played FFXIII like you said you would, so how do you like it so far Britt?
    Now If only I had some extra cash I’d get borderlands!

  2. I hope you enjoy FFXIII Britt =)!!
    If you need any help I bought the collectors guide like a big ole dork XD ~ Shiny hardcover-ness

    I have to commend Tyler 2’s bravery X) he really was always willing to be the brunt of the bet.

    Awesome job on this Vlog! Take a breather Britt, you deserve it~

  3. He got lucky the game didn’t erase his save after pressing diagonal up with the Murder Beam going. Because that’s what it usually does.

    FFXIII is awesome.

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