17 thoughts on “Vlog 3-20-10 “Finally, Winter is Over!…nvm””

  1. lol first day of spring my “pepsi”… must of been really snowing that much..

    hmm me thinks u should do your vlog maybe MWF, or TTH…just so you can combine gaming news and any other surprises that you might have…

    either than great vlog

    *waiting for your newest podcast*

    Lots of Soul Silver play as of late but yeah..

  2. I believe it is a very reasonable idea to set up the restriction of the Vlog only being made during the duration of five days of seven. There’s already enough reasons that you stated in my opinion, and I assume you want some time to relax as well.

  3. ^^^Awwww, you beat me to the Pepsi comment. :p

    Odds are I won’t be playing many games until summer. I still need to finish up Mega Man 10, and then I’ll need to focus on school for the spring quarter (like anyone here cares, lol). I’ll definitely pick up Galaxy 2 and Other M when they come out.

  4. lol Chase walked in half-way through. xD Metroid wore red and orange? @_@ Don’t you mean Samus Britt? xD I’m out of the loop because I haven’t been playing HG/SS OR FFXIII, but Metroid Prime 2 instead. xD DARN YOU BRITT AND YOUR 5 MINUTE RUN.

  5. You’ll get to pick other roles for em later, costs more CP though, to deviate from their normal 3. In either case, picking the characters for your party (and their current roles, for paradigm shift) is customizing the party up for each battle, and not set in irreversable like character upgrading, so it’s kinda got the edge on normal character customization that way.

  6. ok, britt, i just sent to u a petition to ask SEGA to make a sequel to “Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg”. if u want to sign the petition to, send me a PM. thanx!

    G-I-N-T E-G-G!!!

  7. You guys in Texas have my sympathy. You’re getting insane amounts of snow this winter, and we in Quebec have had our warmest winter ever, it wasn’t even close. Not that I’m complaining, but my thoughts go with you.

  8. Amen! I had a foot, that is TWELVE INCHES of snow on the ground when I left for work on Saturday! Spring my [pepsi] [pepsi].

    Anwser me this, people are complaining about FF13 being linear. When has Final Fantasy NOT been linear (barring 11 of course)? I’m playing FF5 Advance right now and other than two trips to pick up equipment in chests and an optional city it’s still on the railroad tracks.

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