14 thoughts on “Vlog 3-23-10 “TSG Video Setup””

  1. That’s the easiest way to do it! I actually got lucky in my setup because I found out that my TV is one of the few that has a Monitor Out in the back of it. So all I had to do was plug my video game cables to the console and then just grab a double sided rca cable and connect it from the back of the TV to my Dazzle xP

  2. I like the set up. Though you should color coordinate more. Really helpful for me since I’ve been too lazy to find a splitters…I use the “switcher” as my splitter in a sense. Don’t worry, we won’t die from lack of vlog, you gotta do what you gotta do.

  3. Birtt, tell your Chase he got it wrong. I’m a girl. And here you go and call me a “him”. It’s ok, I’m used to it XD. Many people may mistake me for guys on here.

  4. Alot of Happy B-days 😮 I’ve always wondered what a dazzle looked like, and all i can say is that its a super sea shell :O Also, that is a monster of a switch box o_O

  5. Fettouhi might be able to help with the Win 7 issue. He knows everything.

    And I saw a leg and was wondering who was standing behind your switch box. Then I realized it was probably a Dirk fathead.

  6. Although the setup is really helpful, what software do you use to get the footage online live. My dazzle came with pinnacle studio, and all I can do is see everything on a screen smaller than a gba’s.

  7. I actually streamed off of 7. Turns out you’re supposed to use the Vista drivers for the device, instead of the XP drivers. There are no drivers specifically for 7, but the vista drivers make it run just fine.

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