14 thoughts on “Vlog 3-7-10: “Hello Vloggy””

  1. This vlog name is so full of win! <33

    And the picture in the flash-thingy is even more awesome!(Hello Kitty and my country's symbol,the rising sun)

    Epic return, Brittain! Just epic! I approve. <3

    Only four days until the marathon! Wooot wooooot!!!!

  2. woot vblog is back =D I can’t believe the marathon is this friday! *needs to promote*

    also nice touch with the Gorillaz music at the end, love that song!

  3. OMG Metroid Marathon is soo close!!!

    Thanks for the shoutout for the banner contest, even if my name isn’t “Skateman Twenty Two”. Teeheehee, it’s no problem though, Britt; I knew what you were trying to say xP.

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