3 Call of Duty Games to be Released in the Next 2 Years

Prepare to be bombarded with Call of Duty. Including Activision’s yearly release of the franchise, another title will be joining the pile.

Actvision’s Dan Amrich confirmed that the other title is coming from Sledge Hammer Games that we heard  started working on the series some time ago. This new entry is going to be in a different genre then that of the core titles.

When we will see this other entry in the series is currently unknown. Maybe at E3.

All three titles are due out in the next 2 years. We can probably expect Treyarch’s most recent entry this Fall and Infinity Ward’s next Fall.

Also, I’m tired of using Modern Warfare 2 pictures because of the whole Infinity Ward imploding thing. This time you get the box art from the original. Because the original Call of Duty is cool like that.

(Source: VG247)

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