BlazBlue Portable and PC heading to Europe this June

Europeans, including Grim, will be happy to hear that sometime this June you will be able to pick up a copy of BlazBlue Portable for the PlayStation Portable. Unfortunately, no set date was given. Hopefully, it won’t get delayed.

The title retains almost all the content of the original and adds even more including the new “Legion” mode.

The PC version of BlazBlue is also set to release sometime this June.

You can checkout a handful of screen shots of BlazBlue Portable after the jump.

5 thoughts on “BlazBlue Portable and PC heading to Europe this June”

  1. “Europeans, including Grim”

    And WHY didn’t you contact me over MSN for this AMAZING News Ocilin Eh? Eh?

    Also no offence, your your being PRETTY optimistic about no delays considering the original game was delayed for almost two years >_>

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