Bungie Teaming Up With Actvision For New IP

Bungie is finishing up their work on the Halo series, so now they are looking toward the future. For their next title, Bungie is teaming up with Activision to bring out their first multi-platform title since the birth of the Halo franchise.

The title is a completely new property. While Bungie will developing the title, the property will be a 10 year exclusive for Activision to publish and distribute world wide. Currently, the property is planned to hit all platforms.

According to UGO.com, Activision and Bungie are also talking about the possibility of Bungie working one of Activision’s existing franchises. But that will probably put on hold for awhile.

So when we start hearing about this new IP? Not for awhile. “Right now, we’re going to be really conscious of keeping our focus on Reach and not wanting to detract from that or take any wind out of its sails; we’re really excited about how the game’s shaping up,” Bungie’s Brian Jarred said to Industry Gamers. “We have a lot of stuff going on now through launch, and even a little beyond launch, so it’s safe to say you won’t hear anything significant on what we’re working at least through this year.

So we might hear some tidbits here and there, but it won’t be seeing anything until 2011 most likely.

Most people will probably rage because Bungie choose Activision. But on the bright side, Activision has the money and resources to help really push a big new IP.

(Misc. Details Source: Kotaku)

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