Capcom Producer Desperately Trying For A New Darkstalkers

Not too long ago, Yoshinori Ono showed interest in creating a new Darkstalkers title. Now it seems that his interest has sky rocketed.

In an interview with VideoGamesDaily, Ono explained that he is trying to keep a new entry in the Darkstalkers’ series in the front of Capcom’s mind. “Yes I always try and talk about Darkstalkers during interviews because I want to show Capcom that there is a demand for a new game.

Ono concluded on the subject with saying “I am desperate to make this game!

If this were any other company, there wouldn’t be much we could do other then cross our fingers. Thankfully, Capcom tends to listen to their fans. One way you can get their attention is through Capcom’s suggestion box. I’m not sure on all the details on how to use it. But from the sounds of it, you can make a suggestion or vote that you want some one else’s suggestion.

So if you want a new Darkstalkers, make sure your voice is heard!

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