Dark Void Zero Heading to PC and iPhone With Added Features

If you missed out on Dark Void Zero thanks to a lack of a DSi, you will soon be able to pick it up on other platforms.

Capcom has announced that Dark Void Zero, a 8-bit retro side scroller, is heading to both PC and the iPhone. It will be available on both platforms starting April 12th.

The new versions feature achievements and leader boards for speed runs and high scores. If those added additions don’t sound fancy enough for you, the game also has a secret new ending you can get.

Pricing details weren’t announced, but the title costs $5 on DSiWare. So we can probably expect something comparable.

If neither the DSi, iPhone, or PC are the platform of your choice, keep in mind Capcom recently said Dark Void Zero seems like “a natural fit” for consoles. So, there is a good chance we may see it on those platforms as well.

(Source: Kotaku)

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