Deathsmiles Grabs Limited Edition for North America

Cave wants you to buy Deathsmiles, so it is now time for them to throw some extra incentive at us.  Enter stage right – the Deathsmiles Limited Edition!

This limited edition will give you some nice swag including a Deathsmiles Xbox 360 face plate along with a lovely sound track with 15 tracks on it. You also get the game itself plus all the DLC from Japan for free right on the disc! And last but not least, you get yourself a fancy horizontally long box.  You can check out the whole package after the jump.

The limited edition will cost $49.99.  Siliconera asked the US publisher Aksys about the price of a stand alone unit. Aksys simply replied that as of right now, there are no plans for a stand alone unit. So right now, it is either the limited edition or the highway for consumers.

(Source: Siliconera)

Death Smiles limited edition

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