Developer Lists Wii2 Title On LinkedIn

A developer, who has worked on a handful of racing games including the Test Drive series, updated his LinkedIn account resume. Two of the titles were unannounced titles both were for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but one of the titles was also listed for another platform listed as “Wii2.”

Whether or not this is a typo or a leak is unknown, but it does point to the possibility that developers may be looking towards a next generation Wii.

If it is true, I doubt we will see anything official any time soon. The Nintendo 3DS was just announced and I’m sure Nintendo will probably be focusing on it late this year and early next year to make sure that the platform sees a successful launch.

(Source: GoNintendo)

7 thoughts on “Developer Lists Wii2 Title On LinkedIn”

    1. Depends on the country. In the US at least, 2 and @ are on the same key.

      I suspect that if this is an actual Wii2 information leak, if this guy is still employed he won’t be for long – Nintendo has a tendency to pressure studios to fire employees who they think are saying too much (I have first-hand experience with this).

  1. Whoo. Just what we need, a new DS and a new Wii.

    Personally, I can’t see how either a new DS or a new Wii would be a good idea. Both you have tons of shovelware on, both you have few and far between hardcore games on, and both are relatively new (at least, the DSi is) and don’t really need these successors.

    Blegh. I hope this is just a rumor or a mistake and not fact.

  2. Okay, let me just say this, it probably is just a typo, with the 3DS just announced i don’t even think they are looking towards a next gen console.
    With that said the only thing they could do to make a wii successors is make it HD compatible and it would be a complete waste to make a “new” console just for HD.

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