Dragon Quest Monster Battle Road Announced for Wii

While we have yet to see any Dragon Quest X details, Square-Enix announced that the arcade title Dragon Quest Monster Battle Road II will be getting a port to Nintendo’s Wii.

Dragon Quest Monster Battle Road II is a card game in Japan using real cards for equipment in the title. All the items, characters, enemies, and worlds are based off the major entries in the Dragon Quest series.

While being an almost direct port for the most part, the console release will be dropping the II in the title. The port will also be dropping the real cards in favor for a virtual deck you can build.  New cards can be obtained in a newly added mode called “Tournament Mode” which allows players to battle characters in a town to gain new cards.

The port will support up to four players locally for battle mode along with the ability to connect to Nintendo’s Wi-Fi connection for online battles as well.

Square-Enix hasn’t released any official media for the port minus a logo, but you can check out a couple of trailers of the arcade version after the jump.

(Source: andrisang)

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  1. I will probably explode with happiness if this actually gets ported to Wii and gets an English localization. It’s like a dream come true, next to the thought that Dragon Quest IX will be getting localized.

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