First Last Story Gameplay Details Plus More Concept Art

The Last Story blog was updated with some of the first game play details for the title. Unfortunately, what came out of it was very basic.

It seems like the battle system is based around controlling the focus of enemies. Enemies will have a line that goes between themselves and whoever they are targeting.

Players can redirect enemy focus by drawing their attention away from other party members with a move called “Gathering.”  For example, if your mage is trying to cast a spell, you can use a melee class to draw the enemies attention. Therefore, reducing the risk of the spell being interrupted by enemy attacks.

The lines between enemies and the party will also help players determine enemy class. The color of the line is different for soldier, archer, and mage type enemies.

The director writes “this is probably the most special feature when you see this game.

Hopefully we will get some gameplay, or at least screen shots, soon. But for now, you will have to settle with some concept art for the battle system which you can check out after the jump.

(Source: andriasang)

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