First Screens of Pokemon B & W Via Leaked Coro Coro Scans

Coro Coro magazine had planned on revealing some details about Pokemon Black and White. But of course with something as big as pokemon, some one is going to leak it.

Coro Coro Magazine has the first screenshots from the game. While still keeping the pokemon style, it goes for a slightly different approach then the usual isometric viewing style of all the other pokemon titles.

You can check out the full scan after the jump.


Pokemon Black and White leaked CoroCoro scans

12 thoughts on “First Screens of Pokemon B & W Via Leaked Coro Coro Scans”

  1. Holy moley that looks awesome. I didn’t think it could look any better after seeing stuff like HeartGold and SoulSilver, but after seeing this, I was wrong!

    1. Got to agree with our man Ferenc here. Pokemon following you is the CUTEST MOST AWESOME THING EVER and I hope they add it in before the final release.

  2. I was worried that being on the DS the 5th generations will not be to different from the 4th. I still wonder how they will innovate in this new generation. I can imagine how they could of the DS hardware.

  3. Whoa!!! Black and White Versions look awesome!!!I wonder what the rest of the new Pokemon will be like, what the story will be, what the new region will look like, and tone of other things that everyone else is probably wondering too. The most important of which is, “When will these new games be released in America?!”

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