Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Goes Crossover Crazy With Monster Hunter, Front Mission, Assassin’s Creed and More

Konami is going all out with cooperating with other companies in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Konami is going to gaming companies, soft drink companies, and more for extra content for the title.

Probably the biggest crossover is with Capcom and the Monster Hunter series. Up to 4 players will be able to fight monsters from the series on “Monster Island” including Tigrex and Rathalos. Players will even be able to cook rations so they are more effective.

The next tie in is mainly focused on one item from a series. On April Fools, Konami released a video, which you can check out after the jump, that showed a collaboration between Ubisoft and Konami with an Assassin’s Creed themed box. The box is made of hay. Players can perform eagle jumps into the box and use the hay for stealthy take downs.

The third, and final, major crossover is with Square-Enix and the Front Mission series. In Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, bosses will drop special pieces of armor. This armor can be brought over to the yet to be released Front Mission: Evolved. Exactly how the process works or if it will work with the 360 version of Front Mission: Evolved is unknown at the moment.

You can check out some of the smaller crossovers  and the Assassin’s Creed crossover gameplay video after the jump.

It is not just gaming companies Konami is going to for crossovers.  Cans of Mountain Dew and Pepsi will be in the title as recovery items. Some real world cans of Mountain Dew will also have codes on them so you can unlock a Mountain Dew T-shirt in the game. Of course what is Mountain Dew without Doritos? You will be able to find Doritios as a healing item in Peace Walker as well.

Even Axe body spray is getting in on the fun. You will be able to find cans of it in Peace Walker as recovery item. Japanese retailer Uniqlo will be selling special Peace Walker T-shirts. If you buy these in real life, you get a download code to get the T-shirt in game as well.

Konami is teaming up with Sony and Walkman to bring players devices from the 70’s up until modern times in Peace Walker. The devices can be used to play background music. Konami is also teaming up with a variety of Japanese magazines to have them appear in the title as well.

All of these announcements are for the Japanese version of the game. Chances are, we will see the Assassin’s Creed, Monster Hunter, and Front Mission crossovers in the west, but some of the more novelty items may not make the jump when the game releases next month.

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(Other Details and Image Source: IGN)

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