Microsoft Accidently Announces Gears of War 3; Rumored Details

Remember that Epic Games announcement that got delayed? Apparently no one told who ever updates the Xbox 360 dashboard. Upon logging in, 360 gamers were welcomed to a lovely Gears of War 3 announcement ad.

The announcement didn’t reveal much, only placing a April 2011 date on the title.

While there have been no official details on the game itself, EDGE has supposedly gotten some inside details from an unnamed source. According to the rumors, a  new enemy locust will be appearing that has tentacles that can attack players through cover.

But the enemies aren’t the only one with new tricks up their sleeves. Players will supposbly be able to pilot heavy duty mechs at certain points in the game. Players will also have a new type of explosive to play with that can travel underground.

While both of these are simply additions to the Gears of War combat we already know and love, a new element is supposedly being added to switch things up a bit. Players will supposedly be challenged with underwater combat at some point during the title.

Again these are rumors. The only official thing we know about Gears of War 3 is that it is coming during April of 2011.

(Gears of War 3 Announcement Source: Kotaku)

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