More Scribblenauts 2 Details

5th Cell talked about more improvements that will be coming to the sequel to last year’s Scibblenauts. Again, most of the details seem like they are just basically fixing things and improving certain aspects of the first game.

Maxwell now controls 1:1 where in the first title you were more of guiding Maxwell. Objects now have more weight and stick together easier.

The action levels from the first Scribblenauts have been removed. 5th Cell is also taking steps to block players from simply using the same set of words to beat every level.

The custom level feature is getting a bit of a bump in features. You can now use textures and build levels with tiles, rather then using a preset level designs. Players can also set specific winning conditions and objectives for their stages.

And lastly, the title will have an multi-object blender that allows you to create items without typing in words.

Have the current details on Scribblenauts 2 convinced you to buy the sequel yet?

(Source: GoNintendo)

One thought on “More Scribblenauts 2 Details”

  1. Normally, I’d be sold on a game like this, with this many improvements. But seeing how Scribblenauts fell a bit short for me, I think I’m gonna wait a bit on this one. Who knows? Maybe I will get it.

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