More The Last Story Combat Details

The last developer blog update for The Last Story went into details about the basics of combat and the “Gathering” system. The most recent update goes into more detail about the battle system.

First and foremost, the combat takes place in real time, but players can issue commands to the main character and the AI partners in a command screen.  Time is frozen when giving commands, so players won’t have to worry about trying to command units while getting slapped in the face.

Another aspect of the battle system talked about dealt more with the magic system. After a spell is cast,  a “Magic Circle” is left behind. Not much was said about these circles, but they did say it could have properties like a recovery or flame status. So, it sounds like it might be an area of effect zone where a status is applied to a character or enemy.

Is it just me or is the combat system starting to sound a lot like Final Fantasy XII? I guess we will just have to wait till we see it in motion.

You can check out a single new piece of art after the jump.

(Source: andriasang)

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