26 thoughts on “New DS Pokemon Titles Named Pokemon Black and Pokemon White”

      1. That’s funny, I’m the exact opposite. Aside from Sapphire, I always get the “Red version” of the two (Red, Gold, Diamond, HeartGold). As long as I like the Pokemon selection, I’ll probably go with Black.

  1. I like the names. One thing I can’t stand in a series is the constant zazzing up of characters and story. I’m hoping a simplistic Black and White will mean a return to simplicity in the actual games.

    Seriously Nintendo, no more WaCkY colorations and useless antlers and crests and ridiculous legendaries. I JUST WANT TO TRAIN MY ADORABLE TEAM OF DEADLY CREATURES.

    That said, you all are going to have your work cut out for you next Pokemon marathon.

  2. I can see alot of people going to go crazy over the names as, well you know. But it was eventually going to happen. I’ll probably go for black as it sounds cooler, though it all depends on the Pokémon list.

  3. Totally called it like a week ago. They’ve pretty much run out of precious stones/metals to name the games after, so we’re back to colors. I hope they’ll be for the 3DS instead. I’d hate for these to come out right before the next system.

  4. O_O

    is this really all i can say? ive been a pokemon fan since day 1!! soo…GODDESSES OF HYRULE BE PRAISED ON THIS WONDERFUL DAY! today, because of this anouncement, i will have, as SpongeBob would put it, THE BEEEST DAAY EEEEVERRRRR!!!

  5. I see “Black” as the “Red/Gold/Ruby/Diamond” game and “White” as the “Blue/Silver/Sapphire/Pearl” game. I think I’m going against the crowd again for the first time since Silver…and pick White.

  6. First they went for colours. Then they went for metals. Then they went for stones. They they went for dearer stones. Now they’re going for tones. Clever move Ninty, I see your plot…. I think….

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